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Service Industrial Supply carries lots of styles of high quality valve types to make sure functional efficiency and production, constantly sourced from world-class brands.

We stock high quality commercial valve types such as angle body, axial, check, ball, gate, foot, globe and numerous other types, so you can be confident that Service Industrial Supply can meet your application requirements, managing your operations for optimum efficiency.

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    Oil & Gas Valves

    Service Industrial Supply offers a large variety of gas & oil service valves, multi-phase circulation control ball valves, and other licensed circulation control valves. Control valves are valves that offer procedure control over flow rate, pressure, and temperature in the oil and gas industry.

    We also provide a complete line of solenoid valves created to control the flow of fuel gas, liquid propane and all grades of fuel oil utilized in combustion applications such as: industrial heaters, ovens, kilns, boilers, incinerators and burners.

    Food & Beverage Valves

    Food & drink processing applications include sanitary and aseptic valves. Valves for the Food and Drink Industry use a complete line of Sanitary 2,3,4 and 5-way ball valves in addition to flush bottom tank outlet valves, spring-less check valves, and rising stem sampling valves for optimum efficiency in controlling and automated procedure lines.

    Our food and beverage processing valves are divided into 2 main classifications: direct contact valves and utility service valves. We provide stainless-steel valves, fittings and specialized associated products for both hygienic and industrial applications.

    Water & Steam Valves

    Developed for high-temp fluid valves including steam or hot water, these valves are high-temperature fluid applications involving steam or warm water applications to perform securely and efficiently.

    Service Industrial Supply supplies safety valves, check valves, circulation control valves, steam valves including industrial hot water boiler and pressure relief valves and steam boiler security valves. Steam valves are utilized to control the circulation and pressure level of steam and heated water vapor. We also have ball, butterfly and inspect valves, backflow valves, pipes & heating valves, security relief valves and more.

    Hydraulic Valves

    Service Industrial Supply has industrial hydraulic valves such as directional control valves, pressure control valves and circulation control valves utilized on hydraulic pumps and air compressors to manage fluid flow, direction, and pressure rates.

    We offer several designs of hydraulic control valves, consisting of check, cartridge, directional, relief, security, shut off, and hydraulic solenoid valves. Our hydraulic control valves come available in a variety of sizes and pressure ratings.

    Chemical Valves

    Service Industrial Supply offers commercial valves that can hold up against the extreme chemicals and offer zero leakage solutions in high-temperature, high-pressure, high-cycling, destructive and/or abrasive applications.

    These valves are ideal for flow control of high purity or corrosive chemicals and developed, produced, and tested to provide safe, reliable, and durable services to a large range of applications. We’re dedicated to providing our customers with high-quality chemical valves for processing and production of chemicals, each determined by the application they will be utilized in.

    Trusted Brands We Carry

    Service Industrial Supply supplies industrial hoses, connectors, couplers and fittings from the top manufacturers in rubber, plastic, PTFE and stainless steel.

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    Industrial Products & Categories We Carry

    Service Industrial Supply stocks and ships bulk stock in any quantity of the following products and many more. Shipping is available on these items when they are shipped within the lower 48 US states. Contact us for a free quote for any industrial product and shipping to your location.

    • Air Hose

    • Chemical Hose

    • Food Hose

    • Petroleum Hose

    • Vacuum Hose

    • Water Hose

    • Pressure Washer Hose

    • Hydraulic Hose

    • Fire Hydrant Parts

    • Hose Fasteners & Couplings

    • Pipe Fittings

    • Pipe Flanges & Clamps

    • Steam Hose

    • Suction Hose

    • Conveyor Belts

    • Conveyor Belt Rollers

    • Cam & Groove Fittings

    • Pulleys & Bushings

    • SBR Sheet Rubber

    • Commercial Neoprene

    • Gasoline Nozzles

    • High Pressure Valves

    • Fluid Valves

    • Hose Pressure Testing