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Service Industrial Supply is the leading supplier of industrial hoses, food hoses, hydraulic lines, air hoses, tubing, and hose fittings. We also sell, test and repair air hoses, marine hoses, concrete hoses, petroleum hoses, fire hoses and more.

We carry high quality hose and tubing products for every industry and application. No matter if you need a hose for the Food & Beverage industry, Construction Equipment Hoses, Water Lines, Refrigeration Lines, Marine Hoses, Automotive Air Hose & Exhaust Hoses, or Vacuum & Ducting. Service Industrial Supply can deliver the best products for your application at very competitive prices.

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    Air Hose & Hose Assemblies

    Service Industrial Supply carries multiple types and sizes of high quality air hose from the top manufacturers in the industry.

    Service Industrial Supply offers a variety of Industrial Air Hoses to handle any application and industry. Whether you need air hoses for automotive, construction, woodworking, furniture manufacturing, agriculture, mining, petroleum processing, foundry, shipyard, or quarry industries.

    We also supply hoses made to work within high pressure commercial hose assemblies with a PTFE tube typically for high pressure nitrogen, oxygen, argon and all inert gas applications.

    Food Grade Hose & Tubing

    Service Industrial Supply has a huge supply of food grade hose, including food and beverage hoses, plastic and rubber tubing and more.

    Service Industrial Supply provides the food industry with food grade hoses and tubing that meet FDA, USDA, and NSF sanitary standards.  We service restaurants, wineries, distilleries, breweries, bars, dairy farmers, and many other food and beverage industries. We have both delivery and suction hoses in bulk and cut to length quantities as well as wash down hoses for food processing plants. We can also deliver fully assembled food hoses complete with all fittings, clamps and hose ends ready for installation.

    We have a large stock of inventory ready to ship to your door.

    Chemical And Petroleum Hoses

    When it comes to hoses for the chemical and petroleum industries, Service Industrial Supply has your back.

    When it comes to hoses that are used with chemicals, oils, and petroleum products, safety is our number one concern. Our sales staff has vast experience in ensuring that our customers are using hose material that is save, durable, and correct for the intended use.

    We provide hoses for all applications from gasoline hoses, oil transfer hoses, acidic chemicals, solvents, and more. If you need a high quality hose that is safe and resistant to the materials being transferred then Service Industrial Supply’s experienced staff can assist you to ensure that the proper hose material is used for your requirements.

    Water Hose & Agricultural Hoses

    If you need hoses for the heavy delivery or pumping of water, Service Industrial Supply has what you need.

    Service Industrial Supply provides an extensive range of water hose including lay flat water hose, high pressure water hose, water pump hose, discharge hose, PVC & rubber hose, water suction hose, fire hose, and irrigation hoses.

    We have water hoses for all industries such as; agriculture hoses, fire fighting hose, engineering hose, water reclamation hose, contractors water hose, and any other water hose industries.

    Material Handling Hoses

    For moving heavier abrasive materials like sand, cement, slurry, dry bulk type materials as well as for use with vacuum systems.

    Service Industrial Supply can equip you with the perfect hose for any heavy material handling application. Our line of low to medium pressure industrial transfer hoses provide solutions for primary use in product handling applications, such as moving abrasive media that includes dry cement, concrete, fly ash, grains, gravel, sand, slurries, asphalt, and even hot tar.

    Service Industrial Supply provides proper industrial hose designed to meet the most common working pressures within the material handling industry. Each tube is manufactured to match the requirements of the application and doesn’t compromises on quality. We use a resilient, high quality commercial hose for most every application and requirement.

    Stainless Corrugated Metal Braided Hoses

    We have a large inventory of metal and braided hoses for high temperature air , steam, hydraulic and chemical applications.

    Service Industrial Supply provides an extensive range of braided hose including stainless steel corrugated braided metal hose and interlocked metal hose used in the chemical processing refining, bulk hauling and plastic pellet transfer. We have FDA food hose with teflon liner along with assorted flanges, cam locks, nipples, NPT, and couplers and fittings.

    Our braided hose is made for high pressure applications. It supplies the protection required for the inner intricate hose to withstand high pressure as well as for vacuum or partial pressure applications requiring security and safety.

    Braided hoses can work for nearly all industrial applications, consisting of hydraulic fluids, steam, solvents, fuels, and also chemicals. It is vibration-dampening, has a superior shelf life, and also high heat and pressure variances.

    Trusted Brands We Carry

    Service Industrial Supply supplies industrial hoses, connectors, couplers and fittings from the top manufacturers in rubber, plastic, PTFE and stainless steel.

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    Industrial Products & Categories We Carry

    Service Industrial Supply stocks and ships bulk stock in any quantity of the following products and many more. Shipping is available on these items when they are shipped within the lower 48 US states. Contact us for a free quote for any industrial product and shipping to your location.

    • Air Hose

    • Chemical Hose

    • Food Hose

    • Petroleum Hose

    • Vacuum Hose

    • Water Hose

    • Pressure Washer Hose

    • Hydraulic Hose

    • Fire Hydrant Parts

    • Hose Fasteners & Couplings

    • Pipe Fittings

    • Pipe Flanges & Clamps

    • Steam Hose

    • Suction Hose

    • Conveyor Belts

    • Conveyor Belt Rollers

    • Cam & Groove Fittings

    • Pulleys & Bushings

    • SBR Sheet Rubber

    • Commercial Neoprene

    • Gasoline Nozzles

    • High Pressure Valves

    • Fluid Valves

    • Hose Pressure Testing